August 7, 2016


Any size down filled comforter, turn around time.

Any size filled comforters are strictly dry cleaned. Turn around times may vary depending on time of pickup. Please allow 2 to 3 business days.

Do we hang clothing?

Yes, we will hang clothing per request.

Extra washes per load

Extra fees may apply if required to wash more than once after customer consent.

Drop off locations?

World of Laundry is strictly a pickup and delivery private laundry service. We pick up laundry and after we’ve washed and folded laundry, we then return it within 48 hours.

Account required for processing?

While not required we suggest creating an account to help identify your order.

Packages have no hidden fees.

-Packages will not have any hidden fees, all fees will be upfront. Packages default to “recurring payments” “unless unchecked” during time of purchase.

Do you hand wash?

-Due to our rapid growth, currently we only machine wash.

Why choose World Laundry?

Because World of Laundry offers a convenient, pick up and delivery service for all customers.

Is there any type of monthly recurring fee or contract?

Absolutely not! You pay what you want when you want, with no strings attached.

Laundry weight requirements?

There will be a minimum charge per laundry order depending on which package has been chosen.

Bronze package required for specialty items.

-Duvets, and comforters are charged the bronze package in addition to order.

Contacting customer service?

-Call, email or text World of Laundry @ 1-832-898-7029 during normal business hours. Also try contacting, 24hrs, 7 days a week.

Cancel my membership?

Cancel your membership at any given time. In addition you may contact World of Laundry for refunds.

Tracking your order?

-Tracking your order is simple. From website select track order and then receive status update.

Bagging clothing prior to pickup?

-Customers may choose to bag Laundry items prior to pickup.

Current service area for World of Laundry?

-We currently only service Greater Houston.

Our hours of operation.

– Hours of operation are 7am to 7pm Sunday through Saturday and off during Christmas and New Years.

Payments not received within a week.

-Payments not received will prevent services until processed. 5 days of no payment will fall into a five dollar holding fee per day.

Weight charges confirmation after pickup.

-Our Drivers will pickup and email your weight charges before washing.

Credit cards are the only accepted forms of payments.

-Credit cards charged online only but in some cases we may need to have card swiped in person.

Do I need to be present?

-That’s entirely up to you. Leave clothing in a bag and set in a designated area or at the hotel front desk.

Discounts for First Responders?

– 10 % Discounts for all for all First Responders.

Dry cleaning and alterations?

-We are a pickup and delivery wash and fold service. As a result, In no way do we offer dry cleaning or alterations on regular laundry. Dry cleaning is only used on filled comforters.

Detergents we use on orders?

-We offer Free and Clear detergent, allergy prone to skin. We also offer our standard detergent.